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Solutions for trace gas detection


Sensor Sense develops and manufactures trace gas detectors based on optical techniques. To guarantee optimum detector design and efficiency in field applications, Sensor Sense has close relations with the customers and with the suppliers of key components. Customers can be found in areas like: biological plant research, medical research, industrial safety and environmental monitoring. From our key suppliers we acquire tailor-made lasers, detectors and optics. 

Close collaborations with the Life Science Trace Detection Laboratory at the Radboud University and other universities and research institutes allow access to the latest developments and new promising techniques for quickly implementation into a commercial product. The contacts regularly result in cooperations at national and European scale projects.



Sensor Sense participates in the SensorChip projectLogo React EU ENGELS RGB FC v2OP Oost logo

FLAIR 2024 Sponsorship

Sensor Sense is one of the sponsors of FLAIR 2024 in Assisi from September 16 till 20.

QCAP Participation

Sensor Sense participates in QCAP: Quality Control of fresh Agro Products.

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