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Solutions for trace gas detection

ETD-300 real time sub-ppb ethylene (C2H4) analyzer

World best sensitivity and user friendliness
ETD-300 real time sub-ppb ethylene (C<sub>2</sub>H<sub>4</sub>) analyzer

Ethylene is a gaseous plant hormone involved in many aspects of the plant life cycle, as well as in response to external stress. In the broadest of terms, ethylene is responsible for signalling changes during seed germination, growth, flower and fruit development, senescence of plant organs, programmed cell death, etc.

Furthermore, ethylene is one of the end products of lipid peroxydation (cell membrane damage) and used as biomarker of oxidative stress in humans, for instance as a result of UV radiation.

Sensor Sense has developed the world's most sensitive, compact, fast and user friendly ethylene analyzer based on the newest laser technology with fast response time for real time measurements. The ethylene analyzer, ETD-300 has a detection limit (2σ) of 0.3 ppbv with time resolution of 5 seconds.

The ETD-300 is specially designed for non-specialists; single-button operation and specially designed software makes it easy to use for workers of all skill levels. Presently, it is used by many customers all over the world for monitoring dynamic processes in plant physiology, molecular biology, post-harvest research, microbiology, ecology, environmental monitoring and medical applications.

Ethylene released by any sample from very small to very large in accordance with the application can be monitored.

Calibration can be performed by a certified gas mixture and is recommended annually.

The robustness of the technique was proven by an airborne application on board of the NOAA research aircraft for measurements in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere. The analyzer was not affected by the heavy mechanical vibrations and noise, interferences with other atmospheric gases or changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature.

If you are interested how our ethylene analyzer can be used in your application area, please click here.