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Solutions for trace gas detection

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If you would like to have more information regarding our products, services, receiving a free quotation or how Sensor Sense can help you with custom gas detection solutions, please contact us or our local partners in the distributor section.

Sensor Sense B.V.
St. Agnetenweg 103
6545 AV Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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Visiting us

Sensor Sense B.V. is located at St. Agnetenweg 103 in Nijmegen and can easily reached by car or public transport.

By public transport

You can plan your trip using the 9292OV public transport planner.



Sensor Sense participates in the SensorChip projectLogo React EU ENGELS RGB FC v2OP Oost logo

FLAIR 2024 Sponsorship

Sensor Sense is one of the sponsors of FLAIR 2024 in Assisi from September 16 till 20.

QCAP Participation

Sensor Sense participates in QCAP: Quality Control of fresh Agro Products.

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