Best quality, excellent sensitivity, most user friendly

Sensor Sense is using its own research expertise to develop extremely sensitive and selective laser-based trace gas analyzers. Several detection techniques, such as photoacoustic spectroscopy and cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy are combined with compact laser sources. This results into robust and user friendly products that allow real-time and on-line measurements of trace gases at unprecedented detection limits within seconds time scale.

Characteristics of the gas analyzers:

  • On line, real time measurements at and below ppbv
  • Selectivity, free of interference
  • Linear over a large dynamic range
  • Compact and robust
  • Long-term stability and reliability
  • Integrated electronics without moving parts
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Start up within minutes
  • Simplicity of operation and ease of use
  • Operation for long period (months) without customer support
  • No need for frequent calibrations
  • No post-processing of data required
  • Virtually no maintenance

Currently available gas analyzers:


Noise 1 σ

Time measurement

Ethylene C2H4

0.05 ppbv

5 sec


Ammonia NH3

1 ppbv (25 ppbv)

120 sec (2 sec)

Nitrous oxide N2O

5 ppbv (20 ppbv)

120 sec (2 sec)


Our platform technology allows analysis of other gases than specified above; please contact us for further information.