At Sensor Sense, Research and Development is strongly driven by a market demand. Most of our detectors are developed in a direct response to a request from a customer. It also happens that the existing detectors are modified or tailored  in order to meet the demands for a specific application.

Research at Sensor Sense focuses on several directions:

  • Applying new optical techniques for trace gas detection and thereby improving sensitivity and measurement speed.
  • Applying known techniques to new gases and thereby increasing the product range.
  • Improve design of current products in order to reduce production costs and make the instruments even more rugged.

In our research and collaborations with customers, we aim at delivering the best price-to-performance ratio. The performance should meet the customers demand at an as sharp as possible price.

Besides the detectors we already have on the market, new developments are ongoing for detection of other gases such as HCl, H2O, CH4, OH and O3.

If you have a request on these gases or others not listed, feel free to contact us.